DIY: Dry Erase Calendar w/ Paint Chips

 Tuesday, July 17, 2012

This is a very easy and affordable project. I didn't have any large frames on hand, so I went to AC Moore and snagged a 11"x16" one on sale for $10 (originally $22). Then, I went next door to Home Depot and raided their paint chip selection. I grabbed way more than I needed, but hey, they're free.

These are all the supplies you need:
-Large frame (Mine was 11"x16" and it was the perfect size for 2"x2" squares. You could get one that is slightly larger if you want your paint chips to be more spaced out.)
-Paint chips
-Glue or double sided tape
-Dry erase marker

I don't think a tutorial is necessary for this project; it's pretty self explanatory! :)

P.S. I didn't think I would appear in the reflection as evidenced by the attractive towel on the top of my head.. at least I'm dressed. ;-)


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